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Oct 4, 2012 6:00pm EDT
social security and medicare, and then talk about medicare because that's the big driver of our deficits right now. you know, my grandmother -- some of you know -- helped to raise me. my grandparents did. my grandfather died a while back. my grandmother died three days before i was elected president. she was fiercely independent. she worked her way up, only a high-school education. she ended up being vice president of the local bank. she ended up living alone by choice. and the reason she to be independent was because of social security and medicare. she had worked all her life, put in this money, and understood there was a basic guarantee, a floor under which she could not go. that is the perspective i bring when i think about what's called entitlements. the name itself implies some sense of dependency on the part of these folks. these are folks who have worked hard, like my grandmother, and there are millions of people out there counting on this. so my approach is to say, how to strengthen the system over the long term? and in medicare, we did was said, we're going to have to
Sep 28, 2012 6:00pm EDT
overcharging medicare to encouraging the prescription of drugs for unsanctioned uses. in july, glaxosmithkline settled for a record $3 billion over fraud charges, including allegations it fell to report key safety data on a diabetes drug linked to heart risks. the natural from goldman sachs has agreed to pay nearly 12 in dollars to settle civil charges one of its executives gave campaign services to a massachusetts public official in exchange for business. the securities and exchange commission said former goldman vice president morrison used company resources to campaign for massachusetts treasurer timothy cahill, who made an unsuccessful bid for governor in 2010. goldman failed to report the activities and went on to earn more than $7.5 million from the state's bond deals. the u.s. environmental protection agency is proposing tough standards for federal cleanup of the toxic material asbestos in a move that could impact contaminated sites across the country. the proposal relates to the mining town of libby, montana, where hundreds died after breathing asbestos dust from the mining of vermicul
Oct 4, 2012 3:00pm PDT
? cathy: online. patty: what if i want medicare too? cathy: online. patty: so, how did you get so darn smart anyway? cathy: online! ♪ when cousins are two of a kind! ♪ and i think that's a message that i heard for a lot of my life, is that because i couldn't control this or i couldn't do this, i was some kind of a weak individual. alcoholics are not... bad people getting good. we're sick people getting well. narrator: let's make a toast! whether it's a graduation, a wedding, a promotion, alcohol is an ingrained part of our society. 52% of americans drink, and many do so responsibly. alcohol doesn't threaten their health or their relationships with others. but what happens when we don't drink responsibly? in many european countries, the use of alcohol is a part of a meal ritual, and it's not common to see adults drink, in the context of that meal, to intoxication. that's very different than american use of alcohol in many families, where it's a part of unwinding, relaxation-- drinking to the point of intoxication. so it's important to look at how it's used in the family and in the c
Oct 1, 2012 8:00am PDT
medicare too? cathy: online. patty: so, how did you get so darn smart anyway? cathy: online! ♪ when cousins are two of a kind! ♪ funding for this program was provided by... man: now, what do we have here? hendrick: once upon a time, this was our image of american preschool education. everybody looked the same. everybody acted the same. everybody was expected to learn in the same way. woman: go, guys, go! hendrick: but times have changed. now we live in a diverse, multicultural, multiethnic world. and as teachers, we have a tremendous responsibility to not only teach multiculturally but, whenever we can, to practice it in our own classroom. i'm joanne hendrick, author of the whole child and your guide to this video series. in this program, we're going to look at the ways in which we can help by providing, when we can, multicultural and non-sexist education for the children in our care. we'll see children and teachers in action from a number of early childhood programs, family daycare homes, head start, university-based schools, and private infant centers and preschools. we'll hear
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4